Kitten sat on the couch, reading her book. Her t-shirt just barely covered her pink panties, and as she shifted in her seat, more of her beautiful lace covered ass was exposed. Absently she played with the top of one of her thigh high stockings. Daddy told her that she had been so good lately that she was going to be getting a surprise. She could hardly focus on her book, she was so excited for the surprise that Daddy had promised. She had no idea what it could be, which only made it more exciting.

Hearing the door open, Kitten quickly turned, her long, dark, locks an echo to her movement. A smile crossed her face as her Daddy walked in. His large frame completely blocked the door. Kitten sprang to her feet and ran to the door, eager to give her Daddy a hug, and get her surprise. As she reached her Daddy, he stepped aside revealing another girl behind him. Kitten stopped and a look of confusion crossed her face. Frowning, she looked up at her Daddy.

“Hey Kitten,” he planted a kiss on top of her head.

Gripping his arm and still frowning, she pointed at the other girl. “Who is that?”

“Well, that’s your surprise.” Her Daddy ushered the other girl into their house. Kitten cocked her head to the side, looking from her Daddy to this other girl. “Her name is Adrienne.”

Her appearance was a sharp contrast to Kitten. She was easily 9 inches taller than Kitten (but still shorter than Daddy) with platinum blonde hair and piercing blue eyes.

Kitten clung to her Daddy and whispered “Daddy, how is she my surprise?”

Reaching his arms around her he easily lifted her up into his strong arms. “You’ve told me that you have wanted to play with another girl, and I found one for you to play with.”

He planted a soft kiss on her forehead as Kitten’s face lit up with understanding.

Daddy brought her a girl to fuck.

Grabbing her Daddy’s face, Kitten squealed and planted a kiss on his lips. He set her down and she excitedly looked from Adrienne to her Daddy.

“There’s a rule, Kitten.” She nodded up at her Daddy. Rules made sense. “First, you are mine and you obey me,” Kitten nodded, obviously. “But she is as much yours as you are mine, she has to obey you too.”

Kitten’s eyes grew wide; what unexpected power! She walked over to Adrienne and took her by the hand.

“Alright you two, go the the bedroom and get to know each other. I will be in momentarily.”
With a big smile, Kitten led her surprise into the bedroom.

“Have you ever done this before?” Adrienne asked.

Kitten shook her head, looking up into Adrienne’s mesmerizing eyes. Adrienne leaned down and kissed Kitten. Her lips soft and hands tender as they slid along her back. Kitten felt her heart pound and her pussy warm. Gently, Kitten reached her hand to the buttons on Adrienne’s shirt and began to undo them. Her hands were shaking as she was excitedly working the buttons on Adrienne’s shirt. As Kitten undid the buttons, Adrienne gently slipped her tongue into Kitten’s mouth. Finally finished with the buttons, Kitten slipped her hands along Adrienne’s pale stomach, finally resting along her tits.

Adrienne broke the kiss and looked down at Kitten, smiling. “May I take your shirt off?”

Kitten blinked, not used to her permission being needed for her clothes to be removed. She smiled up at Adrienne, “Take my shirt off.”

In one smooth motion, Adrienne had Kitten’s shirt on the floor. Kitten stood staring at the beautiful woman staring at her. Quickly shedding her pants, Adrienne was back on Kitten. Her kisses deepened and soon they found themselves on the bed. Adrienne’s soft kisses explored Kitten’s body, trailing lower and lower until she arrived at the edge of Kitten’s panties. Placing one hand against the wetness of the fabric, Adrienne brought her lips to one of Kitten’s hard nipples, giving it a little tug as she sucked it into her mouth.

Kitten moaned as her surprise rubbed the wet fabric of her panties against her engorged clit and sicked her nipple. Through gasps, Kitten commanded the removal of panties and Adrienne happily obliged. After discarding the pink fabric, she planted a kiss on the top of Kitten’s smooth pussy. Kitten moaned as Adrienne buried her face into Kitten’s sweet pussy.
Adrienne’s tongue expertly caressed her most sensitive parts, and Kitten threw her head back in pleasure. Blinking her eyes through her moans she noticed Daddy standing and watching, hand on his erect cock. Her body twitched as Adrienne’s tongue found and entered her body. Kitten moaned as she grabbed Adrienne’s head, holding her against her orgasm. Kitten’s hips bucked and her pussy gripped the tongue inside her.

“Good girl, cumming for your little fucktoy.” Kitten heard the warm voice of her Daddy. She blinked her eyes and saw her Daddy leaning in, kissing her lips. Suddenly Adrienne’s mouth was no longer on her pussy but was on her lips. Kitten was kissing Adrienne but tasting herself.

She felt her Daddy’s hands on her soft skin, running down her side and across her chest. Her nipples were being pinched and pulled and sucked. Adrienne disconnected her lips from Kitten and leaned into Daddy. Their lips met and Daddy’s hand grazed Kitten’s pussy.

Daddy was rubbing Kitten and Adrienne was Kissing Daddy. Kitten wanted to show her Daddy how happy she was. Sitting up, Kitten’s lips found her Daddy’s erect cock and she slowly pressed him into her mouth. Bobbing her head slowly over his throbbing erection, Kitten soon felt Adrienne’s face next to hers. She felt Adrienne’s tongue slide up against hers as they both licked her Daddy’s cock. Kitten focused her efforts on her Daddy’s head, carefully sucking him as Adrienne’s tongue worked his shaft. Spurred on by her Daddy’s groans, Kitten sucked harder and harder until she was rewarded with a mouthful of her Daddy’s cum. Swallowing his sticky load she reached her lips up to his and he kissed her deeply. Adrienne continued to work on his cock with her tongue. Licking his shaft as Daddy kissed Kitten, Adrienne reached her hand to her own wet pussy.

Kitten told her to stop. Adrienne stopped, smiling looking up at her. Kitten pushed her back onto the bed and knelt in between her legs. Leaving her hips up, Kitten’s tongue found the sweet wetness of Adrienne’s pussy. With a soft moan, Kitten began lapping the juices of the girl who had lapped hers. Kitten’s tongue drew circles around Adrienne’s clit. The sounds of Adrienne’s moans filled the air and Daddy could take it no longer.

Grabbing Kitten by the hips he pressed himself into her an began fucking her. His thrusts drove Kitten’s tongue into Adrienne’s pussy. Adrienne let out a loud moan as Kitten began to feel the familiar build up of an orgasm as her Daddy fucked her. The rhythm of her tongue matched the rhythm of her Daddy’s thrusts and soon all three of them felt the sweet release of pleasure. The three of them collapsed, each riding their own wave of pleasure.

Daddy reached down and grabbed Kitten, pulling her to his chest. Burying his nose tenderly in her hair he asked, “Did you like your surprise?”

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