Thoughts racing.

Heart pounding.

“I love you” hanging

Between us.

But I feel safe.

And I know you will pluck it gently from the void because,

You love me too.

You get me so damn easy!

And I don’t know or understand why or how.

You just do.

Maybe it’s because we belong.

All I want is for you to hold me so tight,

And to make love to you,

And snuggle close afterward,

And just to be with you,

And to love you.

All I want is you curled with me,

Around me,

On me,

Under me.

Loving me.

I want to touch you,

And taste you,

And explore you.

And to love you.

I want you to be in me,

Me a part of you and you a part of me,

Holding each other so very tight and close,

And never letting go.

I love you.

Josephine is an erotica writer; she loves spending time with her partners and drinking coffee; you can buy her a cup of coffee at